Close-Up on Castle & Key’s Slow Hand Rye Release

The Single Barrel Slow Hand Rye Series from Castle & Key

Last fall, Castle & Key unveiled its long-awaited first whiskey release, Restoration Rye. Following up on that debut is a new lineup dubbed Slow Hands, a series of single barrel rye whiskeys. The initial outlay includes four single barrels which will be rolled out one at a time beginning today and continuing throughout April, with bottle sales available exclusively at the distillery.

Pitch: Try This Award-Winning Rum Cocktail for St. Patrick’s Day

Hi! Based on your interest in National Margarita Day (my fav too, ha ha!) I wanted to send over a delicious and festive new idea that you can share with your readers in regards to St. Patrick’s Day. Why stick with Guinness (boring!) or Irish whiskey (been there, done that!) for St. Patrick’s Day, when instead you can try an award-winning rum cocktail?

Inaugural Penfolds California Collection Debuts

Penfolds California Collection 2021 Released

Penfolds launched the first edition of its California Collection in a virtual event on March 4th, showcasing four distinct 2018 vintage wines which bring together the worlds of California and Australia wine. It’s the culmination of a project which began over two decades ago, with the planting of vines from Penfolds’ Magill and Kalimna estates in Paso Robles. But it’s also the mere starting point for a project which should continue—pardon us—bearing fruit for many decades to come.

Every Margarita Recipe I Was Sent for National Margarita Day

National! Margarita!! Day!!!
It was February 18th. 1:12pm. I was quietly minding my own business on a Thursday afternoon when my inbox received another urgent message. It’s a National Margarita Day recipe, and it’s the 7th one I received that day alone.
I had been stirred into action.
I knew then that I must share these recipes.

The Macallan Unveils New Anecdotes of Ages Whisky Collection with Sir Peter Blake

13 Unique Art Labels Adorn Collector’s Set of 1967 Macallan Whisky
The Macallan has unveiled a new collaboration with renowned pop art legend Sir Peter Blake called the Anecdotes of Ages Collection. The limited edition set includes 13 bottles, each with a unique collage label designed by Blake showcasing a specific part of the Macallan story. Anecdotes of Ages also represents the third collaboration between the Macallan and Blake.

Tasting The New Courvoisier Avant-Garde Bourbon Cask

Courvoisier Tasting & A Walk Down Memory Lane to Cognac Country
One of the best and most formative ventures of my early booze journalism days was a DISCUS (Distilled Spirits Council) trip to Cognac, France. We visited all of the region’s prestige houses, including Hennessy, Martell, Courvoisier and Remy Martin, in addition to a number of small winegrowers, or bouilleurs de cru, and the Baron Otard Château de Cognac, which now produces D’USSE.

Hands-on Whiskey Blending to Create the Flaviar x WhistlePig Whiskey

New WhistlePig Homestock Whiskey Crowdsourced With Flaviar
Flaviar, the spirits subscription service and tasting club, teamed up with WhistlePig for a unique initiative as we all remained stuck in lockdown during the pandemic. The goal was the creation of the new Flaviar X WhistlePig Whiskey collaboration, WhistlePig Homestock Whiskey, with a tagline of, “Blended Together, While Apart.” As the name implies though, this would be no routine task, where you’d maybe half a dozen tasters gathered around a table to sniff and taste and adjust until perfection was achieved.


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