During your wedding there are dozens of variables, big and small, which could serve to add more stress or anxiety to your day. The way I looked and felt in my bespoke suit though was never one of them.

From the “first look” before the ceremony to our official entrance at the reception, from the many photo sessions with the bridal party and our family to our first dance with everyone attentively watching, I knew I looked great. It was impossible not to.

Earlier this year, I wrote about my experience getting a custom suit made at Michael Andrews Bespoke. I discussed what it was like to get fitted and to select all of the myriad options of a bespoke suit, options I never even knew existed. It was a new and eye-opening process, and one which paid dividends for me during my wedding.

The groom is never the center of attention during a wedding. All of the focus rightfully goes towards the beautiful bride in her stunning dress, and that was certainly the case here, too. Yet, my suit has continued to garner attention, as I reveal to one family member and friend after another the details on where I got it and what it was like, because people just have to know.

“That suit looks fantastic… Where in the world did you get that suit?… Your suit fits you so well!… Whose idea was that suit?…”

Guys are typically not used to receiving enthusiastic compliments about what they wore, weeks after wearing it, by anyone or for any occasion. Well, with a suit like this it’s just bound to happen.

Before the wedding, I was able to try on the suit twice during fittings, so I knew what to expect in terms of what it would look and feel like on me. Still, I never put on all of the components at once; the suit jacket, the pants and the vest, the tie, the shoes, the whole getup.

When I finally did on the morning of the wedding it was a revelation, immersing me in comfort and class. It just worked. It was natural.

The suit was stylish and sleek, and loaded with standout features I couldn’t help but show off. With dozens of precise measurements taken, the fit was perfect, like nothing else I’ve ever worn. It felt like an extension of my body, as opposed to either tight restriction or the feeling of swimming in extra fabric that you get so used to experiencing with typical men’s suits.

When you purchase a new bespoke suit you really have a sense of ownership and pride with the finished product. It’s a truly unique garment, a one of a kind, based not only upon exacting measurements of your frame but also on your own vision for each and every detail. Of course, if anybody doubted the suit was yours and yours alone, you could just flip open your suit jacket and reveal your name stitched onto a patch on the lining. You don’t get that at Macy’s.

A bespoke suit will show the world not only what you look like at your best, but also maybe a bit about who you are. This is how you want to look, this is who you want to be.

If I wasn’t ready to walk down the aisle in this thing, well, I wasn’t going to be ready. The suit served as a source of soothing comfort and confidence throughout my wedding day, and ultimately that was more important than the compliments or anything else.

To learn more about Michael Andrews Bespoke or schedule an appointment with them, visit their website. To see more professional photos of the suit, visit the excellent Procopio Photography online at the Procopio blog.

This article was first published on Yahoo Voices on July 17, 2013