One of the reasons this website was originally created was the shuttering of the long-gone Yahoo! Contributor Network, and a need to find a home for the many articles I had published on the platform including for Yahoo! Sports, News and Local.

Well, in the field of modern journalism, it’s not unusual for outlets to come and go. Journalism is not exactly known for its stability these days, and that’s been particularly true over the past two years, with the pandemic adding further blows to a number of publications.

Two prominent outlets I regularly contributed to not only ceased operations, but also either took down their entire website, or kept the platform while removing their entire database of existing content and bringing it offline.

One was October, or, a quirky beer publication which became a great destination for in-depth beer world features. The favorite story I wrote for them was my gonzo European Beer Odyssey, but I also got to write about one of my favorite-ever dining and drinking experiences, a makgeolli feast in South Korea, and interviewed some cool folks, such as Jim Koch of Sam Adams.

The other was Departures, one of the outlets I stayed busy with during the pandemic in terms of travel content, publishing a number of road trip and reopening stories, among other luxury travel and drinks topics. Whether you wanted to buy your own overwater villa, eat your way across the south on a BBQ trip, or even learn about sherry in Texas, I had you covered over there.

It’s sad enough to lose the publications themselves, but it’s worse to have the content taken offline, stricken from the public record as if none of it ever happened. So, to help rectify that matter, I’ve resuscitated a number of the pieces, and am giving them a permanent home here on

Rescued stories from October can now be viewed here, and rescued stories from Departures can now be viewed here.