Tasting Notes for Craft Spirits, Whiskey Barrel Picking, Website & Social Content

As a professional whiskey and spirits reviewer, as well as a judge for a number of national and international competitions, I’ve reviewed, graded, and written tasting notes for thousands of spirits. If you’re searching for a writer and craft distillery consultant to assist with the creation of tasting notes for:

  • Sales sheets & promotional material
  • Label & box copy
  • Website & social media placement

Then I’d be happy to help. Whiskey tasting notes are a crucial way to stand out from the crowd and draw in consumers. And there’s a world of difference between a tasting note like “sweet and rich with a short finish,” and a comprehensive description which details the specifics of a taste profile, and also accurately describes the overall drinking experience. In an increasingly competitive and crowded landscape for craft spirits brands across all categories, this is the type of overlooked difference maker which offers a major and lasting impact. When a consumer isn’t sure which bottle to buy, the right tasting note acts as your best advocate, either online or in stores.

Additional spirits consulting services I’m able to provide include assistance with barrel picking and batch blending, quality and consistency tasting, proofing, and other tasks related to the creation, tasting, and selection of whiskey.

Further, I also offer freelance content creation for distilleries and whiskey brands. This includes the creation of personalized and search engine optimized website content, professional photography services, the creation of social media posts and more.

Feel free to get in touch for more information on how I may be able to help your brand as an official tasting notes writer and distillery consultant.