Reviews of Whiskey Stones & the Glencairn Glass

In the Whiskey Write-Up, I usually review a smattering of whiskeys I’ve recently tried. This time though, I want to review a few accessories which have become popular purchases and gifts. First, I’ll offer a whiskey stones review, and provide some feedback on an item I was disappointed with. Next, I’ll discuss the Glencairn Glass, something which met and exceeded my expectations.

Whiskey Stones Review

What better way to enjoy whiskey on the rocks, than with real rocks, right? Whiskey stones are touted as a superior option than ice, allowing you to have a chilled but not diluted dram, and one which doesn’t freeze out the flavors and aromas of your choice spirit.

In order to live up to its claims, whiskey stones would need to be able to make your whiskey near-ice cold, and of course, you would also need to be inclined to not miss the affects of the slow dissolution of water into your whiskey.

I won’t address the latter issue, since that’s a matter of personal taste. But on the core promise of the product – using whiskey stones to replace ice, receiving chill without dilution – I was continually disappointed with my experience.

In a thin whiskey glass, with a few stones and a bit of liquid, you’ll certainly notice a chill – although the stones and the glass will be colder than the whiskey itself. However, it’s a very moderate chill, and doesn’t approach the temperature drop that ice provides.

Even if you’re not supposed to get to that “freezing” level, the temperature change you do receive is minimal at best. And in less than ideal settings, e.g., different glasses, or more liquid in the glass, you’ll be hard pressed to notice much of anything.

In fact, the fine print of the box seems to try to dissuade you from hoping too much, essentially telling you that you’ll receive a slight cooling effect – a sure enough red flag.

Whiskey stones are a great idea, and I wanted to love them, use them, give them as gifts to every whiskey drinker I knew. But they fail to deliver.

Glencairn Glass Review

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until you try it. That was the case for me and the Glencairn Glass. I had been waiting to upgrade to a high quality, whiskey or scotch-specific glass for some time. And as soon as I did, I knew I had waited too long.

With the Glencairn Glass, aromas are airlifted to your nose. Hidden flavors are roused from the deep depths of slumber. Your classiness is elevated instantly, transplanting you from frat row to wall street – even if you are indeed a bro drinking bottom shelf spirits in a backwards hat and flip-flops (not recommended).

The Glencairn Glass improves and highlights the strengths of any whiskey you’re drinking.

*This article was first published on Yahoo Voices on January 7, 2013