Super Bowl XLIX Betting – Seahawks vs. Patriots & the Wacky World of Online Prop Bets:

Billions of dollars will be bet on this year’s Super Bowl. But that doesn’t mean you actually have to, you know, bet on the game or anything relevant to deciding who wins or by how many points. Welcome to the wacky world of Super Bowl prop bets.

Right here, we’re going to showcase some of my favorite from this year’s most random, weirdest and craziest Super Bowl prop bets.

*All of the crazy Super Bowl prop bets below were found on Bovada.

Bet on Game Oddities & Players

Will Marshawn Lynch grab his crotch after scoring a touchdown?

  • Yes (+400)
  • No (-600)

What will be higher, Russell Wilson’s passing yards, or the US National Average Gas Price on February 2nd in cents?

  • Wilson -15.5 (-120)
  • Gas Price +15.5 (-120)

What color Gatorade or beverage will be dumped on the head coach of the winning team?

  • Orange (3/2)
  • Yellow (5/2)
  • Clear/Water (3/1)
  • Blue (15/2)
  • Red (15/2)
  • Green (10/1)

Bet on Bill Bellichick & His Hoodie

What color will Bill Belichick’s hoodie be?

  • Grey (-200)
  • Blue (+175)
  • Red (+700)

What type of hoodie will it be?

  • Sleeves cut (-150)
  • Sleeves intact (+170)

Bet on the National Anthem & Halftime Show

How long will it take Idina Menzel to sing the National Anthem?

  • Over 121 seconds (-130)
  • Under 121 seconds (-110)

Will she forget or omit at least 1 word?

  • Yes (+500)
  • No (-800)

What will Katy Perry be wearing when the halftime show begins?

  • Pants below knees (+250)
  • Shorts above knees (+200)
  • Skirt or dress (-150)

What color will her hair be when the halftime show begins?

  • Black/brown (+200)
  • Blue/green (+300)
  • Pink/red (+300)
  • Purple (+400)
  • Blonde (+500)

Bet on TV & The Announcers

How many times will “Deflated” be said in reference to footballs during the game?

  • Over 3 (-130)
  • Under 3 (-110)

How many times will Gisele Bundchen be shown on TV during the game?

  • Over 1.5 (-135)
  • Under 1.5 (-105)

Will Al Michaels refer to the point spread, odds, or any prop bets during the game?

  • Yes (+200)
  • No (-300)

Of course, all of this is only the beginning. You’ll literally be able to bet on any individual player’s statistics, and any type of in-game event, with hundreds of variables — and you can find the entire collection here. But when you couldn’t care less about this, then just hone in on our favorite crazy Super Bowl prop bets and have some fun.