Fatty Sundays, the Brooklyn-based company known for delicious chocolate-covered pretzels, has landed in Union Market for a pop-up. They’re at the market through this Sunday, February 8th, and then will return on February 13th-15th, to make sure you’re covered for all things chocolate-pretzel-related for Valentine’s Day.

The official preview of the pop up was last night, so I popped over for a visit and a few bites.  The pop up is also offering a DIY station, so you can hang out and make our own chocolate covered pretzels to snack on. Pretty easy — dip, choose your topping, and eat. The pretzels are delicious, even if you can’t make them quite as pretty as they do.

A variety of their favorites are available for sale at the pop up, including options such as the PB&J, Salty Toffee, and Birthday Cake pretzels, crunchy pretzel brittle and dark chocolate dipped strawberry licorice.

If you’re looking for an affordable & alternative last minute Valentine’s Day plan or gift — as opposed to the 75 prix fixe dinners & parties we helped you find — then you can also pick up an at-home DIY pretzel making kit.

Fatty Sundays Pretzels Union Market DIY kit gift It includes the pretzels, chocolate to melt up, sprinkles to decorate with, and the instructions and examples you need to get it done correctly. A fun activity and treat wrapped into one. Valentine’s Day success. You’re a hero.