The New York Giants are Super Bowl XLVI champions, and this Giants fan was lucky enough to see the game in person. It was a spectacular, unforgettable experience thanks to the game itself and the way it was won, the atmosphere of the entire weekend, and the family it was shared with.

Of course, the game has been discussed and dissected from every angle already. However, what you may not know yet is what exactly a trip to the Super Bowl means for a fan. If you’re planning on attending next year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans, or would love nothing more than to see your team play in the big game no matter when or where it is, then use this as your primer to set some expectations.

Here are 6 need to know numbers that summarize the experience, from a fan who attended Super Bowl XLVI and watched his Giants defeat the New England Patriots.

1,400: Percent

The approximate increase in the cost per room, per night, for the seedy hotel stayed in during the trip, which despite its name, was anything but a “Best Value”.

1,200: Miles

The approximate round trip drive from the Washington D.C. suburbs to Indianapolis, completed in about 20 hours.

300: Minutes

The amount of time before Super Bowl XLVI began that we entered Lucas Oil stadium. Between browsing the merchandise selection, watching warm-ups, grabbing some food and drinks, and checking out the various displays and activities on-site, it went by in a flash.

250: Dollars

Amount of money that several parking lots close to the stadium were (successfully) charging for a single parking space.

107: Seconds

This one is about the game itself, and not the trip, but it’s worthy of inclusion nonetheless. It’s the combined time remaining on the clock after the Giants game-winning, come from behind touchdowns in their last three games against the New England Patriots, including Super Bowls XLII and XLVI, and a road game in New England during the 2011 season.

1: Gnomes

Good luck Giants gnomes taken along for the cross-country trip, as well as pregame tailgating and post-game celebrations alike, and which may or may not have been directly involved in the outcome of the game. See also: [4: Games – Since a lucky t-shirt was washed, which also surely helped to secure the G-Men’s victory].

This article was first published on February 7, 2012 on Yahoo! Sports