What’s a better way to spend a chilly night than to eat some good old comfort food? For that matter, restaurant quality comfort food works great whenever you want to feel like you visited home, without actually having to bother visiting home.

Enter Good Enough to Eat, located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side on Columbus Avenue and 85th, where you’ll find ample amounts of heart-warming, home-cooked American food. And, compared to many other spots in the neighborhood, you won’t burn too big a hole in your pocket in the process.

If you’re like me and need to escape New York’s chaos from time to time, Good Enough to Eat has you covered thanks to the restaurant’s rustic, homey décor and wholesome foods which both brings back regulars and welcomes new visitors alike. Everything Chef Michele Weber and the team prepare is made from scratch, and you can certainly taste the care they put into each dish. At GETE, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back into grandma’s kitchen.

Good Enough to Eat NYC

During my visit I feasted on a Thanksgiving-style meal on a March night. The popular dish has everything you’d want from a traditional turkey dinner: roasted turkey with cornbread stuffing, cranberry relish, mashed potatoes, gravy, some sautéed greens, in this case kale, for kicks. Having already devoured most of a cornbread appetizer, and true to Thanksgiving fashion, I was forced to reluctantly call it quits in the face of an unconquerable dinner plate.

Another favorite, the pork chop dinner, showcases tender pork chops glazed with barbecue sauce and immersed in gravy, which works well together. While the meat was delicious, this plate’s side dish it what really sells it, a sweet potato mash rich with cinnamon notes.

At Good Enough to Eat, you’re sure to be stuffed by the end of your meal, but please for the love of sweets do not pass on their dessert. You will be given seemingly endless choices of pies and cakes. Their coconut cake and banana nut cake are among the many house favorites, although there are also classics, such as blueberry pie. The server’s intelligent suggestion of making that order a la made worked wonders. GETE’s ice cream is homemade, and even a seemingly simple scoop of vanilla morphs into a wonderfully sweet, rich delicacy.

Good Enough to Eat - Blueberry Pie

While massive dinner plates of comfort food backed up by rich desserts hit the spot, it’s no surprise either that brunch lovers line up outside for Good Enough to Eat’s pancake and omelet fare on the weekend. Whenever you do decide to pop over, you’ll leave happy and full. Just be sure to go hungry.

Good Enough to Eat is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Find more details on their menu and latest offerings online.