Original Grain crafts their watches with a combination of wood and steel, and they’ve been known to get quite creative with where they source that wood. That’s the case with their Alterra Chrono Whiskey watch which is— you guessed it—made in part from whiskey barrels.

Original Grain reclaims American oak that’s been hard at work aging whiskey for up to four years. As we know, bourbon producers can only use their barrels once, so those barrels end up on the market, often serving second and third stints aging Scotch, rum, a variety of other spirits, and even beer.

While those are all noble causes, why not make a badass watch out of them too? Now that’s something I can get behind, and the watch looks right at home with a nice glass of whiskey in your hand, too.

Original Grain Alterra Chrono Whiskey Watch Specs

  • Wood Type: Reclaimed American Oak From Bourbon Barrels
  • Case Size: 44mm
  • Band Width: 23mm
  • 2.5mm Wood Bezel Inlay
  • 11mm Case Height
  • 316L Espresso Stainless Steel
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass Cover
  • Water Resistant Casing
  • 5-Hand Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Subdials: 60 second stopwatch & one hour timer

The Alterra Chrono Whiskey is one of many from the company which uses reclaimed American oak from whiskey barrels. They even partnered with Jim Beam for a signature Jim Beam Black Kit which quickly sold out. So you’ll want to stay on the lookout for future projects and limited releases.

Learn more about the watches and browse the full lineup at OriginalGrain.com. If you end up making a purchase you can even feel good about yourself—Original Grain plants 10 trees for every watch they sell.