It’s time for the NHL playoffs, which more importantly signifies spring’s holiest of traditions, the Playoff Beard. This year, in support of the New York Rangers and their Garden of Dreams Foundation, I’m growing my beard for charity.

Help me raise some funds and view all the progress photos along the way. Check out my page and make a donation here.

The Garden of Dreams is a very special organization, and one that is familiar to any Rangers fan. The team and its players are heavily involved helping children in need, partnering with a few dozen other organizations across the tri-state area reach children who are facing challenges such as homelessness, extreme poverty, illness and foster care.

You can learn more about the Garden of Dreams at their official site.

So, beyond giving a few bucks to charity and a great cause, why should you support me and my beard? Because I vow to produce epic post-beard shaving photos.

In past years, I’ve produced classics such as 2012’s Two Face Beard:

playoff beard

And 2014’s Retro ‘Stache:

playoff beardThis year, I’ll promise to do something special, too. Feel free to chime in with your suggestions in the comments below.

And please go ahead and make your donation here. Anything helps, and it’s a great cause.