There’s been a lot to talk about over at Eater over the past month. Check out a handful of the recent stories I’ve put together for Eater Drinks, touching on a wide range of need to know whiskey topics, including the bourbon shortage (or lack thereof), women involved with whiskey, and the strange coexistence and popularity of Pappy Van Winkle & Fireball.

Is There Really a Bourbon Shortage? — Talking to everyone from major brands to craft producers, bar owners to retailers, this piece explores the idea of the bourbon shortage, and whether or not there’s any truth to all the disturbing talk.

Women Changing the Face of Whiskey — Women aren’t just drinking more whiskey these days, they’re more involved in every aspect of the industry. There are women master distillers, company owners and more. Get to know a few of the game-changing faces here.

Exploring the Contrasting Worlds of Pappy Van Winkle & Fireball — How are the worlds of ultra-premium, ultra-overpriced whiskey, and “shots, shots, shots” Fireball, both existing, and soaring to new heights of popularity, at the same time?

Also, don’t miss out on this one either…

28 Thai-Inspired Cocktails Across the Country — Inspired by my travels through Thailand, I put together this national look at several dozen different bars and restaurants who are using Thai ingredients and flavors in their cocktails. So whether you like bird’s eye chili, lemongrass, tamarind, palm sugar, or other traditionally Thai tastes, learn where to find ’em here.

Plenty more to come in the future – so keep your eye out for more Man Talk Food!