Authentic, Rustic Italian Brunch at Lupo Verde:

Brunch is now served at Lupo Verde, the cozy, crowded and ultra-authentic Italian spot on 14th & T Street. If you already know what to expect from Lupo Verde, then you’ll be pleased to see a similar approach with their brunch lineup, which showcases house-made breads, pastas, pizzas and charcuterie, along with rustic Italian staples the kind of which you don’t find at your typical D.C. brunch.

If you need your sweet craving fixed, then go for their house-made bread basket, an assortment of specialty breads dusted with powdered sugar which can feed a table on its own. Satisfy your inner-adult by getting some fruit in your belly, and trying the Carpaccio di Agrumi, a small starter dish consisting of thin-sliced grapefruit and orange sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Or, ditch the fruit, and try the Nutella crepes.

Beyond those sweet items, the menu highlights are on the savory side of brunch. The must-have dish on the menu is the Uova in Camicia, a robust eggs in purgatory, with poached eggs served surrounded in a simple but powerful San Marzano tomato sauce, with crunchy grilled dipping bread to soak it all up.

Or try the Panfocaccia Pizza, with cream cheese, arugula and fantastic, super-fresh lox, passing the test of bringing your favorite bagel tradition to pizza form with flying colors. Other standouts include the Pizza Bismarc, with spinach, prosciutto and an egg on top, and the Frittata di Patate e Cipolle, an Italian-style egg and potatoes frittata with shallots.

Of course, at Lupo Verde, charcuterie is always on hand, and you can never go wrong there.

For your brunch drink choices, you can go beyond your typical Mimosa and try some of their specialty concoctions. The Principessa is made from blood peach puree, grapefruit bitters and Prosecco, and the Sofia is made from hibiscus liqueur, Prosecco nad hibiscus flower. Both avoid the over-sweet or watered down profiles that many brunch drinks have, and offer a flavorful, light taste to cut some of those rich flavors you’re enjoying.

Everything at Lupo Verde’s brunch is ordered a la carte.

Brunch is served on both Saturday and Sunday, from 10 to 3. On a nice weekend morning or afternoon, you can grab an outdoor table and enjoy the sun, or you can perch barside or at a table on either of the restaurant’s two levels.