The London 2012 Olympics marked the first time that women’s boxing has been included at the Summer Games, and quite simply, the results have been fantastic. The women’s fight game has received a wonderful showcase on the big stage thanks to competitive, action-packed fights, enthusiastic, jam-packed crowds, and talented, well-trained fighters.

One of the best fights of the Olympic boxing tournament thus far, men’s or women’s, was the Lightweight bout between USA product Queen Underwood and Britain’s Natasha Jonas. It was a truly exciting and well fought contest, and the crowd went wild for it.

Jonas got the win and advanced, but was unlucky to have to face Ireland’s Katie Taylor next. Taylor, a four-time world champion, is regarded as the best women’s amateur fighter out there, and perhaps the best women’s fighter at any level.

The Taylor vs. Jonas fight managed to perhaps even exceed the lofty standards set up Underwood-Jonas. Factoring in the rabid fandom involved in an Irish-British showdown, and the great performances of both women, and you can understand how the crowd seemed to be at a raucous fever pitch for the duration of the contest, which Taylor won comfortably.

When you watch Katie Taylor in the ring, you don’t see a women’s boxer. You see a technically sound, powerful fighter. She’s a woman, but she also happens to be one of the classiest boxers in the entire competition, regardless of her sex.

For people who have never been a fan of women’s boxing before, give it a watch at the London Olympics. You’ll be impressed with what you see. In fact, anybody who watches the women competing at London, sees fights like Underwood-Jonas and fighters like Katie Taylor, and comes away with anything bad to say about the female fight game simply doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Women’s boxing has been a great addition to the Olympics, and the ladies have capitalized on their inclusion by delivering to the utmost. I’ll certainly continue to tune in — if you don’t, well, that’s your loss.

This article was first published by Jake Emen on Yahoo Sports, August 6, 2012