Watch Customization Made Easy with Undone Watches

Remember the days when you might have liked a watch you saw in the store, except for the strap? You found the perfect style, but hated the watch face color? You couldn’t find the watch that was just right? Well, those days are long gone with a little help from Undone, a company which has mastered the world of easy watch customization.

Undone currently has two watch collections, the Urban and the Aqua, each of which is less a single watch than a platform for near-endless variety. Even though they have a number of pre-built watches and styles, those are mere starting points, and the fun happens with their intuitive watch customizer.

Start with something such as the Undone Urban Vintage “Killy” model, and then choose between…

  • 4 types of dials, with a total of 24 different choices between them
  • 4 case colors
  • 5 hand styles
  • 6 types of straps, with a total of 48 individual choices
  • and your choice of a solid or glass case back.

I’ll leave the math up to you, but suffice it to say that there are thousands of different watches you can end up creating. Or do what I did and choose one, but then build out your collection with a few extra straps. The straps are quickly snapped off and locked back into place with spring pins.

The customization doesn’t stop there, either. You can get your initials engraved on the watch face, or as an engraving on the back. If you select the glass case back, you can even get a photo printed up on it. Now you truly have a one of a kind look that nobody can imitate.

On perhaps the third or fourth day I was wearing this watch, with the green “rally” strap attached, I passed through an airport lounge on my way back home. Sidling up to the bar, I ordered a whiskey on the rocks, and was promptly complimented by the cute bartender—let’s call her Laura—on the watch. That’s a solid success ratio right there.

“I really like the face on your watch,” she said, pointing down to it and smiling. Well, little did she know I customized it myself. Thanks, Laura.

And I plan on making this watch a mainstay on my upcoming travels to come, too. With the sleek carrying case, you can bring the watch and your extra straps with you without worrying about damaging or misplacing any of the pieces, and you’ll end up with an array of watches to match your style and mood. It’s exactly the type of solution I look for as I pack light and prepare to hit the road for a few weeks at a time, without sacrificing style or functionality. We can all raise a glass of whiskey and cheers to that.