Innovation is everywhere in the world of whiskey, but its dispensing vessels and strategies don’t change too frequently. Bottles from the store, and personal flasks you load up yourself when you’re on the move. But now we have a breakthrough on our hands, thanks to Hochtadter’s Slow & Low Rock and Rye — whiskey in a can.

whiskey in a can slow and lowShe’s beautiful, isn’t she?

Rock and Rye is a pre-Prohibition, saloon-era spirits category, combining rye whiskey with rock candy and other flavors. In the case of Slow & Low, they use straight rye whiskey, Florida navel oranges, raw honey, Angostura bitters, and rock candy, making the product more or less a ready made Old Fashioned at 42% ABV.

Now those ready made cocktails can come with you wherever you’re headed, and it couldn’t be easier. They’re portioned out in 100ml serving sizes from mini cans, each sold at $3.99, or probably the same as what your favorite local-fake-dive-hipster-bar sells a can of PBR. That’s a portable, strong, well-made cocktail that’s about to shake up the tailgating, beach partying, and camping game.

Imagine it with me for a moment… you complete a strenuous late afternoon hike up a remote mountainside, stopping just in time to soak in a serene, picturesque sunset. But you came prepared. You reach into your backpack, pull out a canned whiskey cocktail for you and your companion, pop the top and cheers to a job well done. Now that’s the kind of nature I can get behind.

These lovely whiskey cocktails in a can should be hitting store shelves just in time for Labor Day weekend, offering you a rare opportunity to impress your friends for a change.