It’s time for Oktoberfest 2014! So what do you need to know, where do you need to go, and how can you partake in as many beer events and festivities as possible? Should you wear your favorite lederhosen or beer wench costume? (Yes.) Here’s a round-up of some of the notable Washington D.C. Oktoberfest 2014 parties and specials.

DC Brau Oktoberfest Beer

DC Brau Oktoberfest poster

OK, this first one isn’t an event, it’s a release. DC Brau has released their first-ever Oktoberfest as of September 15th.

“It’s a very traditional Oktoberfest,” says Jeff Hancock, President & Head Brewer of DC Brau.

“In recent years, Oktoberfests from Germany have started getting lighter in color and are closer to resembling Helles lagers than Oktoberfest’s or Märzens. We think our version will stand out amongst the myriad pumpkin beers and Oktoberfests on the market this season.”

Only 60 barrels of the Oktoberfest will be produced, and will be available strictly on draft at the brewery, Nationals Park and in the market at large.

So head on down to DC Brau to pick up a growler or a taste and a pint. They’re open for free tours on Saturdays from 12-5pm.

Dogfish Head Oktoberfest Dinner

Dogfish Head Oktoberfest poster

Dogfish Head is holding a multi-course Oktoberfest dinner replete with beer tastings at their D.C. area locations. The dinner will be held on either September 22nd or 24th, depending on your location.

The dinner will cost $70 per person and will include beers such as their Midas Touch, 90 Minute IPA, and Punkin Ale, along with German-inspired fare such as stuffed pretzels and apple cheese soup.

Speaking of Dogfish Head, and Punkin Ale… yes, it’s Punkin Ale time once again.

District Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest beer wench girl

District Oktoberfest takes place THIS weekend, September 20th-21st, hosted at RFD in Chinatown along with half a dozen other bars. The party lasts from 11am – 8pm on both days, but surely you won’t make it that long if you arrive when the festivities kick off.

At each bar you visit you’ll get a full Oktoberfest beer — all told, that’s 8 bars and 8 beers. Good luck. You’ll also get plenty of other food and drink specials, and all proceeds from ticket sales for the event go to charity.

Das Best Oktoberfest

das best oktoberfest

Das Best Oktoberfest takes place on Saturday, September 27th at the DC Armory. It’s a new location after being held last year at the National Harbor.

Tickets cost $59 for VIP, including early admission at noon, or $39 for regular admission at 2pm. The event lasts until 6pm, and will include unlimited samples of more than 150 beers, wines and schnapps. There’s also live music, on-site food vendors, and everything from a Miss Oktoberfest contest to a guy’s beer belly competition. Good luck with all that.

On October 11th, Das Best Oktoberfest shifts to Baltimore, and will be held in the M&T Stadium parking lot.


D.C. loves food trucks and festivals, so let’s throw the whole thing together for Trucktoberfest, a food truck and craft beer festival held in Wheaton.

The event takes place on Saturday, September 27th from 12-7pm at Wheaton Triangle. There will be live music throughout the day, a craft beer garden by Tje Limerick Pub and a range of everyone’s favorite food trucks.

Trummer’s on Main: Trummerfest

Take a drive, or better yet, split a cab, out to Clifton, VA to Trummer’s on Main and their TrummerFest, lasting from September 16th-October 30th.

Enjoy authentic Austrian food, including 10 exclusive dishes just for the event, such as a cured meat, cheese and sausage board; fried Emmentaler cheese, Goulash mit Spätzle, a braised beef stew with cheese spätzle, and Weiner Schnitzel with potato salad and lingonberry jam.

Of course, there will be plenty of beer and cocktails to match.

Germany’s Goethe Institute of Washington D.C. Oktoberfest Party

This is a massive blowout on Saturday, September 27, with an open beer bar featuring a wide range of German beers, as well as wines. There will be some authentic German dancing, a DJ for some non-authentic German dancing, and a whole lot of beer.

Food includes Heidelberg pretzels with spicy mustard and warm Munich cheese spread, bratwurst rolls with sauerkraut, and much more.

As for that authentic German dancing, there will be a fully Oktoberfest-dressed German dance troupe getting the party going in style.

Tickets cost $65 and the party is brought to you by Things To Do DC.

Bocktoberfest at The Fainting Goat

The Fainting Goat on U Street will hold Bocktoberfest from September 22-October 5.

Meaning “Goat” in German, “Bock”-toberfest brings $5 German brews and grilled-up Goatwurst.

Have you had goatwurst before? OK, well, you can wash it down with those $5 German pints just in case.

Is this a comprehensive list of every 2014 DC Oktoberfest party or celebration? No! This is just a sampling of what’s going on. Feel free to add any other events in the comments, or send us an email to let us know what we missed.