Tasty New Seasonal Dishes at Mon Ami Gabi in Washington D.C

The two Washington D.C. area Mon Ami Gabi bistros have unveiled a comfort food inspired seasonal menu, offering nearly a dozen new dishes to go along with their classics and standbys.

I admit it. When I’ve been to Mon Ami Gabi in the past, I’ve had one thing on my mind: Steak Frites. And while more and more restaurants in the area have been offering the dish, I steadfastly refuse to order it elsewhere. If I wanted Steak Frites, I’d be at Mon Ami! Start off with an award-worthy Frisée and Bacon Salad and you’ll be more than set for the evening.

While that still may be true, the seasonal dishes they are featuring right now more than hold their own, and are quite craveable in their own right.

For those of you who enjoy intense, pungent cheeses, start with the new Endive and Roquefort Cheese Salad, which showcases a huge block of the good stuff atop of endives and roasted Bartlett pears. Rip off a hunk of their freshly made bread and make a great little sandwich to get your juices going for the main event to come.

Another new starter is the Creamless Celery Root soup served with apple and walnut, a perfect choice for a cold evening — if the weather this year in the District ever actually gets there.

One highlight of the seasonal entrees is the Burgundy Braised Short Rib, which is fantastically tender, and will be pulled apart with even the slightest of pressure with your fork. The entree Sea Scallops are perfectly seared and paired with caramelized Brussels sprouts and bacon, a combination that can win over the hearts and minds of even the most steadfastly anti-Brussels sprout diners out there.

Other seasonal choices include a Vegetable Pot au Feu, a vegetarian stew served in a cast iron pot; Chicken Grandmere, a roast half chicken served with bacon and mushrooms; and the appetizer-sized, indulgent Lobster Tartine, served on country toast with lemon aioli. When I visited, the Skate Wing was already out for the evening, so while I can’t vouch for it personally, it’s safe to say that it’s a popular choice amongst customers.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert. There are about a half dozen pastries and sweets to choose from, but if you’re like me, you’ll only have eyes for one: their new Warm Chocolate Tart with homemade salted caramel ice cream. If that’s a bit too rich for your taste, then the Pain Perdu, an oven-roasted pineapple bread pudding with vanilla rum sauce will satiate your cravings.

For the full menu and to make reservations, visit MonAmiGabi.com and choose your nearest location.

This article was first published on Yahoo Voices on November 12, 2012