Ready for a whirlwind, whiskey-fueled tour of Washington, D.C.? Then you’ll have to check out 48 Hours in Washington, D.C. in the latest issue of Whisky Advocate.

The 48 Hours series is a regular feature in their Distillations section, and the guide is designed for an out of towner coming to the area, specifically with whiskey on his or her mind.

Where must you go, what must you drink? What are the best whiskey bars in D.C.? Which whiskey bars in D.C. offer the best selection of bourbon, rye or Irish whiskey, or the best whiskey cocktails?  Learn it all — although, be forewarned that an actual attempt to do it all in two days likely comes at your own financial and physical peril. It’s no joke, folks.

Jake Emen Whisky Advocate storyNo stone was left unturned in my search, covering nearby distilleries to visit, well over a dozen different bars and restaurants, and a full stop-to-stop itinerary for smooth sailing during your venture. It’s a 4-page story and it’s one of several stories I’ve been working on for Whisky Advocate over the past few months.

The story isn’t available online, so you’ll have to actually go ahead and pick yourself up a copy to see all of my recommendations. And I know — you’re probably thinking, wow, this guy is really talking whiskey all over the place these days. You’re right about that!

So be sure to also check out my recent story on Tasting Table, which goes in-depth with Jack Rose’s Bill Thomas. Jack Rose of course also appears in this story — it’s basically the must-mention of any story or overview related to D.C. whiskey.

Stay tuned for more Man Talking Whiskey in the near future. We have some great whiskey content in store for everyone, from in-depth distillery visits and interviews, more comprehensive D.C. whiskey guides and all kinds of other good stuff.