Man Talk Food is on the move, with a month-long getaway to Thailand.

Man Talk Food ThailandRealistically — and I know, very sadly for everyone — you won’t be hearing from the site much, if at all, during this period. Although you can still keep tabs on us via Twitter to see if we’re posting anything particularly delicious, strange, exciting, or otherwise of intrigue from time to time.

But the great news is that once we’re back there will be all kinds of awesome content from the trip.

Recent international food forays have produced examinations of Jamaica’s national dish, and in-depth, hard-hitting analysis in the form of a Johnny cake battle royale.

In this case, prepare to learn firsthand about Thai food, ingredients, markets, culture, sights and to-dos, and all kinds of other good stuff. I’ll be posting photo galleries and as many different fun articles as I can think of to make up for all of that lost time, and to share the bounty of wealth I’ll gain while over there.

Enjoy the holiday season and and have a safe New Years, and Man Talk Food will carry on eating, drinking and talking in 2015!

We’ll be back up at full speed in mid-January.