13 Unique Art Labels Adorn Collector’s Set of 1967 Macallan Whisky

The Macallan has unveiled a new collaboration with renowned pop art legend Sir Peter Blake called the Anecdotes of Ages Collection. The limited edition set includes 13 bottles, each with a unique collage label designed by Blake showcasing a specific part of the Macallan story. Anecdotes of Ages also represents the third collaboration between the Macallan and Blake.

“This collaboration really is a reflection of our history and heritage,” said Macallan lead whisky maker Sarah Burgess at a virtual global launch event held on February 17th.

“It was about showcasing the Macallan by bringing some of the flavors to life, bringing the story to life… whilst you’re tasting it, you’re tasting that history,” Burgess said. The collection is meant to showcase art both inside and outside the bottle and bring those two together into one whole.

“Each work of art represents time and craft… and represents a different story and moment of time from the history of the Macallan,” said Sir Peter Blake during the event. “It’s a collection of stories that pays homage to the past. A collection that will be enjoyed for decades… I’m honored to be part of this legacy.”

As for the whisky itself, it’s a single malt from 1967, matured for over 50 years and bottled at 46.7%. A total of 322 bottles are available globally, priced at $83,000.

The year 1967 was chosen as being a standout one for pop art. “Fortunately for us, we have stock within that year,” Burgess said. Indeed, it pays to have the history and lineage that the Macallan has in place, which helps make a collaboration like this one so special.

“This whisky is truly stunning, it has wonderful character,” Burgess said. “It has dried fruit in the form of figs and hints of oak, that’s the classic aspect of the Macallan. But there’s also hazelnut, strawberry, and on the finish, spiced peach.”

According to Burgess, it’s different. “Much like Sir Peter Blake,” she said.

Each of the 13 offerings in the Anecdotes of Ages collection features a hand blown glass bottle with an oak stopper, and is presented in a wooden display box. A corresponding notebook details the story of the label, along with the inspiration, history, heritage and details of the other 12 bottles in the collection.

In March, Sotheby’s will be hosting a virtual auction to sell one of the 13 original bottles, with funds supporting the Guggenheim’s Diversity, Equity, Access & Inclusion initiative.

In addition to the 13 bottles in the Anecdotes of Ages collection is a bottle you can actually get your hands on, An Estate, A Community and a Distillery. Bottled at 47.7% and priced at $1,200, this whisky commemorates Blake’s visit to the estate with a label that presents many of the characters from the brand’s past and present. Flavor-wise, you can expect signature notes including dried fruits with cracked black pepper and maple on the palate, and cinnamon and cacao on the finish.

And in the meantime, there’s a virtual art gallery exhibit you can access online to get a glimpse of the artwork and the stories behind them. You’ll be brought inside Blake’s studio and be able to learn about each of the labels and what they represent.

The Macallan is no stranger to the world of lofty, auction-worthy and collectible bottlings, and you can expect the Anecdotes of Ages collection to join those ranks.