New Sparkling Lime & Yuzu Fever-Tree

Fever-Tree first began revolutionizing the tonic and mixer space in 2005. Now, they’re back with their latest and greatest, a new flavor dubbed Sparkling Lime & Yuzu.

While the brand essentially began with the premise of examining the gin and tonic—and realizing that ignoring the flavor of three quarters of the drink was both a massive mistake and a huge opportunity—the genesis for this creation was looking at another staple. “We thought it was high time that somebody looked at the vodka, lime and soda,” said Timothy Warrillow, founder of Fever-Tree, at a virtual launch for the product.

The result is an offering which definitely stands apart from the rest of the lineup. The lime and yuzu play together quite nicely, with a soft underlying sweetness cut with the acidity of the lime and the tartness and floral qualities of the yuzu. By no means a traditional “tonic”—and it doesn’t call itself that—it’s a potentially versatile mixer.

Fever-Tree Sparkling Lime & Yuzu is also another offering in the brand’s lineup of low calorie mixers. While the company is proud to tout that each bottle offers just 30 calories, nailing the flavor was the first priority. “Low calorie should never come at the expense of taste,” said Charles Gibb, Fever-Tree CEO North America.

The brand suggests getting started with a few simple go-tos, such as a supercharged vodka and soda or tequila and soda, with one part spirit to three parts Fever-Tree Sparkling Lime & Yuzu. In regards to the tequila pairing, Gibb believes the release plays on a cult favorite from west Texas. “We like to think of this as a more sophisticated ‘ranch water’ type of offering,” he said.

Quick pour soda cocktails also bring you into the realm of highballs. “The highball is one of my absolute favorite drinks, and it’s also one of the simplest drinks to make,” said Julia Momose of Kumiko in Chicago. Going beyond the basic starter ideas above, she might might create a still-simple highball using vodka alongside shochu or vermouth.

For Momose, one of the reasons she enjoys working with Fever-Tree is the specific qualities of its carbonation. “[They’re almost like] Champagne bubbles, so soft, and delicate,” she said. “Zesty, but in a little bit more in a nuanced way.”

With Fever-Tree recently reporting large growth figures from 2020, you can only expect to see more offerings unveiled in the future.