That’s Japanese A5 Wagyu, with a BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) of 11 to you. That’s steak with a certificate of authenticity. That’s the best you’ll find anywhere in the country, more than good enough to send envy coursing through the veins of chefs in Japan. And it’s only at BLT Steak. Right. Now.

Learn more about Japanese Wagyu grades here.

It’s not a permanent menu inclusion, as A5 Wagyu with a BMS of 11 is such a premium cut it’s exceedingly difficult to obtain, even from chef Will Artley’s “wagyu dude”. But you may look up at the restaurant’s daily blackboard menu and spot something special, and if you do, it’s your time to pounce.

Whether it’s the ridiculous A5 BMS 11 Wagyu currently being sold at an accessible $35/ounce and not expected to last past this coming weekend, or still spectacular A5 Wagyu with a more modest BMS of 5 or 6, you’re bound to find something worth splurging on.

Artley, who became the executive chef at BLT steak at the start of the year, is dedicated to sourcing that kind of quality ingredient, and then making the most of it once it’s in house, for however long it lasts. So, in addition to finely prepared, largely untouched slices of A5 Wagyu, and tastings of different grades, you might also find a Japanese Wagyu Bolognese, made with Wagyu scraps impossible to ignore, served with delicate gnocchi and freshly grated Parmesan.

Here’s what Artley had to say:

“I’m really lucky here at BLT Steak, that I get to experiment with stuff that really no one else gets to play with. It’s like this culinary playground of fine ingredients. Wagyu, foie gras, game meats, truffles…I’m excited to create some really unique dishes for guests and continue to preserve BLT Steak’s stellar reputation for cuisine, while taking it to the next level.”

As for the rest of the menu, you’ll continue to find the classic dishes that BLT Steak is known for. That includes their massive popovers with Gruyere cheese, tuna tartare with avocado and a just right soy-lime dressing, and all of their premium steak and seafood selections.

Artley is also bringing a range of healthy choices to the menu though, and showcasing his previous influences. Check out the beautifully presented king crab roulade with cucumber, a delicate, vibrant dish, and the perfectly prepared Chilean sea bass served with a smoked mussel broth and Israeli couscous. In all of his dishes, Artley ensures that the star ingredient shines.

For dessert, Artley’s “culinary playground” exploration continues. Here, you’ll find unique concoctions such as a foie gras affogato, with a creamy, liquid foie gras poured over popcorn ice cream, and bacon ice cream, and served with brioche.

Meanwhile, certified sommelier Jochem Zijp was named the restaurant’s beverage director at the end of February, marking the addition of another new team member. He’s overseeing the creation of new barrel aged cocktails and other specialty beverages, and curating the restaurant’s massive wine list, all of which he’s ready to expertly pair for you.

BLT Steak is clearly moving in a new direction, and you should expect the restaurant to continue evolving in the coming months. But don’t wait that long to pay them a visit. If you want that A5 BMS 11 Wagyu, now’s the time.