Game of Thrones Characters as Real-life Boxing Stars: Part 2 Baratheons and Targaryens

The much-anticipated return of HBO’s Game of Throneshas been creating a huge level of buzz. I decided to get in on the fun by matching real-life boxers and boxing promoters with Game of Thrones characters.

Here, in part 2, I’ll take a look at the Baratheon and Targaryen families, and some of the characters associated with those groups.

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Robert Baratheon would be…

James Toney. This guy is boastful and brash. He’s also fat and well past his best. But there was a time when he was the baddest guy on the battlefield. Still great for a laugh and a good time.

Renley Baratheon would be…

Canelo Alvarez. Everyone seems to love this guy, and he has the charisma to be king. But, given his age and his resume, what has he really accomplished to this point? Will he meet his fate against a more experienced, seasoned veteran on the battlefield? Or will his youth, skill and charm enable him to survive and thrive?

Stannis Baratheon would be…

Juan Manuel Marquez. This guy has the credentials, but he’s not the people’s favorite, even when compared with younger individuals who have accomplished less. He’s tough and he’s firm, and maybe he’ll even stand and trade a little bit when it’s not in his best interest.

Joffrey Baratheon would be…

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. He has the last name of the King. But does anybody really think this guy is “king” material? If you’re not in his inner circle, or support that lineage, you probably wonder what in the world he did to get into this position, and all the power, wealth and attention that comes with it.

Gregor Clegane,The Mountain that Rides, would be….

The Klitschko brothers. Massive size and strength are the key factors here, and those traits have enabled them to rise to the top. Although not unbeatable, they are also more skilled than people give them credit for. Most fights are won before the opponent even enters the ring.

Sandor Clegane, The Hound, would be…

Brandon Rios. This guy is a fierce warrior, and clearly he has a chip on his shoulder that relates to his past, and some of his chief rivals who perhaps he used to be quite close with. Aggressive, mean and powerful in battle, it’s also not a complete surprise to see a lighter side in other moments around the right people.

Khal Drogo would be…

Mike Tyson. He’s the guy, when at his best, you’d least like to meet in a street fight. See him walking up to you in a dark alley? You better turn the other way. He’s a bad man, and he’s done some bad things, but he’s also fiercely loyal to those who have earned his trust. At the end, his power and status are ultimately, permanently, undone by a woman.

Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi, would be…

Sergio Martinez. Hey it’s not a knock on the guy that he matches up best with a woman – and it’s no secret that Maravilla takes great pride in his looks and style. But this is the woman that would be Queen. They’re late bloomers both, but once that potential was realized, they quickly became forces to be reckoned with. If you wanted to defeat them, your best chance was likely years ago, before that power was found and honed.

Petyr Baelish, Little Finger, would be…

Al Haymon. Little Finger is the Master of Coin. He not only controls the money, he’s a major powerbroker behind the scenes. Don’t know why some insider, political deal got made? You should look in this guy’s direction. He plays all sides, wields surprising influence considering the source, and continues to advance himself, his people and his interests.

This article was first published by Jake Emen on Yahoo! Sports on April 4, 2012.

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