Read Up on Japanese NAS Whisky, the Best Cheap Whiskey on the Market, and the State of American Whiskey Labels, Sourcing & Lawsuits

It’s been a busy month with whiskey writing, and in addition to what can be found here on, there have been a handful of other key stories that you’ll want to check out if you’ve missed. Find the links to some of my latest features here.

Eater Drinks: Sourcing, Labeling & Lawsuits in American Whiskey

The more the average American spirits drinker dives into whiskey, the more he or she learns remains unknown. Confusion currently reigns across much of the landscape, with some of the largest issues at hand surrounding who is actually distilling the whiskey being sold by a particular brand, and what that brand is actually disclosing, or not, on the label.

After checking out the New York City launch of Hibiki Japanese Harmony, this next piece was logical:

Distiller: Japan’s Move to NAS Whisky

The increasing prevalence of No Age Statement (NAS) whisky has been widely discussed in recent years. Scotch was seemingly hit hardest first, followed by bourbon and American whiskey. Now, Japanese whisky is being affected, its surging global popularity and heretofore unseen demand coming back to haunt it.

Eater Drinks: The 10 Best Cheap Whiskeys on the Market

Older doesn’t always mean better for whiskey, and neither does more expensive. Phenomenal whiskey deals can be found for those looking to spend wisely by shopping the opposite side of the “Pappy” spectrum. While the availability of wonderful whiskey really explodes at the $40-$45 range, herein we’re digging deeper to find the top 10 best whiskeys under $35.

Of course, it’s not just whiskey. As a follow-up to my Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Whiskey, and in the wake of my rum-soaked travels to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, I also put together a Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Rum.