Several months ago, I got my hands on Berentzen’s Bushel & Barrel, an apple-flavored whiskey made by blending together Kentucky bourbon and Berentzen’s apple liqueur. While far from the traditional whiskey range, I recommended it for those who like dabbling in the world of flavored whiskeys. (Read my full review on Whiskey Reviewer).

More recently, I was able to try another of Berentzen’s creations, Icemint Schnapps. You can learn more about that product here and see whether or not it’s worth a try for yourself.

Berentzen Icemint Schnapps Review

Berentzen Icemint Schnapps is an authentic German-style schnapps, i.e., strong and sweetly flavored. Made in their distillery in Haseluenne, it’s bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV) and that high proof can certainly catch up with you quickly, because it’s a very smooth, easy to drink product.

If you like the peppermint “rush” you get in your mouth when you eat a York Peppermint Pattie — that’s what the commercials tell you that you’ll get, right? — then you’ll enjoy the same effect here. You’ll notice a strong, chilling peppermint blast, and it’s made all the smoother on some ice. It’s minty and refreshing, with a lasting peppermint taste, and no noticeable burn.

Berentzen recommends a few shots for their Icemint schnapps, including the “Fire & Ice” — a half and half mix of Berentzen Icemint and a cinnamon whiskey such as Fireball, a deadly beautiful combination if I’ve ever heard one,  and the appropriately named “Peppermint Patty”, a mix of the Icemint with a chocolate liqueur.

While I haven’t yet tried either of those shots, I did try Icemint mixed in with Baileys on the rocks, which was enjoyable and a nice change of pace to that kind of beverage. I also imagine that Icemint would do well with a boozy hot chocolate in the wintertime, or a boozy cappuccino, at anytime.