Glenmorangie recently hosted The Glenmorangie House in Manhattan, temporarily setting up shop along the trendy strip of Little West 12th St. to show off some of their wares to the whisky drinking public in and around New York City. Guests received a bracelet good for several drinks from the main Glenmorangie range, as well as several premium sips, such as Glenmorangie Signet.

But tacked away in a backroom was an entirely different experience. There, after being led down a dark hallway to a discrete nook of a room, Dr. Bill Lumsden was on hand with the Glenmorangie 1970s Collection, a super premium, super exclusive box set release including five incredibly rare Glenmorangie bottles distilled during the 1970s. The price tag for this five-bottle set? A cool $50,000, and only 10 exist across the globe.

Somehow, somebody decided to let me into the building to try the lineup. Here are a few quick notes — follow the links to read the full background information and review for each member of the 1970s Collection at Distiller.

Glenmorangie 1970’s Collection – ’71

Grade: 94

The first member of the Glenmorangie 1970s Collection hails from a distillation from New Year’s Eve 1971. This release was bottled and sold in December 1998, at 26 years old.

“Deep sherry, raisins and nuttiness on the nose, with a distinctive funky sherry rancio….”

Glenmorangie 1970’s Collection – ’75

Grade: 93

The 1975 that’s a member of the Glenmorangie 1970s Collection was bottled in 1994 as a 19 year old. A very limited quantity was kept on hand for future special releases, making this a first time release from the distillery’s archives.

“…A sweeter, richer side emerges on the palate, with honey and pear, leading to drier, spicy and oaky notes. Finish is dry and a touch medicinal, with more oak and spice, and finally some of that initial fruitiness…”

Glenmorangie 1970’s Collection – ’75 Tain L’Hermitage

Grade: 93

The ’75 Tain l’Hermitage is a look back at a 28 year old release from 2003. The whisky here was first aged in American oak, before being finished for four years in barrels which held Tain L’Hermitage wine from the Northern Rhone Valley.

“Red wine makes its presence felt on the nose, with berries and plums, along with lemon zest, and drier, spicy notes of oak, coriander and black pepper…”

Glenmorangie 1970’s Collection – ’76

Grade: 94

January 21st, 1976 marked the first flight of the supersonic Concorde airplane. Glenmorangie set aside four casks of whisky distilled on that day for a special release. A small supply of that whisky was bottled in 1995 as 19 year old. That whisky was never released, until joining the 1970s Collection.

“Find big sherry on the nose, with lighter, tropical fruits and melon, caramel, oak, and floral notes… “

Glenmorangie 1970’s Collection – ’77

Grade: 97

The 1977 entrant was released as a 28 year old in 2005. The only member of the 1970s Collection not made from the distillery’s own maltings, which had ceased in the summer of 1976.

“…Finish is dry and spicy, with a bit more smoke, and traces of the defining custardy, buttery backbone of this dram. The gem amongst gems from the exclusive 1970s Collection. ”

But don’t just take it from me — it’s Dr. Lumsden’s favorite, too.