My global booze travels continued in November, with a trip to the Cognac region of France. There, I was immersed in the world of, well, Cognac, and brought back the hard-learned lessons I picked up to share with the rest of you.

The result thus far has been a trifecta of Cognac stories, giving you the Cognac facts you need to now, showcasing the Cognac tour that you could take, and bringing you the disappearance and revival of the Cognac cocktails you should be enjoying.

Tales of the Cocktail: A Tour Through Cognac Country

Visit Tales of the Cocktail for an up-close tour guide of the Cognac region. Get a sense of how to get there and move about the area, where to go, and what you’ll see and experience at different stops along the way.

Eater: The Complete Guide to Cognac

If you drank too much on your tour and don’t remember all the details, then head over to Eater to study up. This guide will teach you everything you need to know understand how Cognac is made and regulated, and what affects its style and taste.

Tales of the Cocktail: The Revival of the Cognac Cocktail

Finish up your educational Cognac coursework back at Tales, to learn about the Cognac cocktail, and both how it disappeared and is now being revived.

And of course stay tuned for my next intrepid voyage across the world, leaving no stone unturned to bring you the must-know facts about the world’s best booze.