Recently I showcased a Cognac trifecta, three stories deep-diving into all things Cognac. Elsewhere, there’s been plenty of other things to talk about. Here’s a round-up of some of my other recent musings in the wide world of good drinks.

The Rebuilding & Importance of Haiti’s Rhum Barbancourt

Closing in on six years since Haiti was devastated by a massive earthquake, this story takes a look at Port-au-Prince’s Rhum Barbancourt. The rum is a national icon, and carries great weight across Haiti as a product, an employer, and a presence in the city.

Water Sources for Spirits

What’s the secret ingredient in your favorite spirits? For many brands across the globe, it’s the purity of their particular water source. From Kentucky’s famed limestone to Suntory’s pure soul places and Finlandia’s glacial water, there’s a world of water to explore.

Ultra Premium Booze

How much is too much for a great bottle of booze? $100? $1,000? $10,000? Learn all about the extravagance which can be found within the ultra-premium category.

Elsewhere, I also make an appearance in the latest edition of Whisky Advocate. In this story, I take a look at company’s using whiskey barrels to ferment and age sauces, including sriracha.

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