In the most recent issue of Whisky Advocate, I penned a piece in their Distillations section, “State of Private Barrel Programs in the U.S.” The story looks at the perspective of some of the largest distillers in the country, as well as smaller, on-the-rise craft producers, and even bar owners, to see what’s happening with private barrels and bottlings right now.

Whisky Advocate Private Barrels Jake EmenWhat is a private barrel?

Many distillers offer barrel selections, enabling a consumer to pick out their own, complete barrel, offering them an exclusive product. The consumer in this case may be a bar or restaurant, a retail store, or even a private group. There’s huge demand for such private barrels these days, and as in other areas of the whiskey market, the increased demand is putting a pinch on the supply, and changing the dynamics for both the big guys and the little guys.

Be sure to pick up the Spring 2015 issue of Whisky Advocate for the full story, and the rest of the issue, including whisky awards and features on whisky traveling your way through Scotland.