MTF’s head honcho (that’s me) has been all around the web as of late. Here’s a sampling of three recent pieces published on other high-profile platforms…

The Search for a Better Sriracha


Search for Better Sriracha Jake Emen

On Eater, I discuss “The Search for a Better Sriracha”, examining sriracha and its history, as well as its extreme popularity. Enter big-name chefs, from D.C.’s own Erik Bruner-Yang of Toki Underground and Doug Alexander from Art & Soul, to none less than David Chang, all producing their own hot sauces.

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14 Essentials for Cooking Thai Food at Home

Thai Kitchen Essentials Jake EmenPublished on Tasting Table, “Thai Kitchen Essentials” takes a look at what you must stock your home kitchen with in order to cook up fantastic, authentic Thai fare.

I spoke with chef James Syhabout of Hawker Fare to gain his expert insight, and also based a great deal of the story on my recent travels through Thailand. I came away with a much deeper appreciation for authentic Thai cuisine and what it’s all about during that trip, a sentiment that even Syhabout can relate to after his own recent trip back to explore his roots.

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The Whiskey Arms Race

Whiskey Arms Race Jake EmenBack at Eater, in their new Eater Drinks channel, it’s time to dive into “The Whiskey Arms Race.” As whiskey has become more popular, how is it changing the bar scene across the country?

One way is in the fight to house the largest whiskey selection possible. Only a few years ago, that may have been just a few hundred bottles. Today, it’s zoomed past 1,000 and beyond – with Jack Rose Dining Saloon in D.C. and Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium in Seattle both touting at least double that figure. So who has the most?

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