Ulah Bistro, a friendly two-story neighborhood bar and restaurant on U Street offers a solid deal for bottomless brunch fans — and who isn’t a fan of that, right?

The restaurant is located directly across from Ben’s Chili Bowl, which places it in prime U Street territory, as well as prime people-watching territory if you snag a seat in the pet-friendly outdoor patio.

At brunch, you get your choice of entree as well as bottomless mimosas or bloody Mary’s for $29. Food and drink is also available a la carte, if that’s your preference. Either way, on the menu you’ll find traditional brunch fare and a few twists on different standbys.

For instance, there are four different renditions of eggs Benedict, other assorted eggs and omelets, as well as sandwiches and pizzas, each of either the breakfast or lunch variety.

Your focus should immediately move to the sweet side of the menu, though. The best dish available is the challah French toast, served with a honey-mascarpone spread and drizzled with a raspberry coulis. If you’re going to tell your friends they must try something on the menu, that’s the can’t miss choice.

Other specialty dishes include their smoked salmon plate, and their mac n’ cheese, a dense, hearty concoction made with smoked gouda and pecorino and served with moist, sweet house-made corn bread.

The restaurant has also spruced up their cocktails list, with several new additions incorporating Don Ciccio & Figli liqueurs. That’s no surprise, as Ulah Bistro is owned and operated by the same group as Lupo Verde, whose beverage director, Francesco Amodeo, is DCF’s owner.

Some of the brunch fare here fails to stand out, but in honor of U Street’s omnipresent jazz scene, when a dish hits the right note, like that challah French toast, then it really sings. Ultimately, the price is right, the mimosas are poured tall, and it’s a fun location for a low key brunch.

Ulah Bistro is located at 1214 U Street. Brunch is available Saturday-Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm, and more information can be found on their website, UlahBistro.com.